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At 7:33am on June 12, 2008, Denis Ouellet said…
Hi Marissa,

You have a beautiful day.

At 6:26am on June 17, 2008, Bill Barnes said…
Howdy Amazing,
Haven't spoken in a while- just got back from the Django camp, head exploding with music and ideas- I'll send you a note to go into more detail, if you want to hear.

Your Gadje friend,
At 11:31am on June 17, 2008, Lezah said…
Thank you for taking the time to say hello. Thank you for your complements and your condolences for my friend Marie. That means so much to me. I love when people comment on my name. My name is my mother's name backwards and her name is her father's name (only spelled differently). She never liked the name Hazel. It was my father's idea to turn the name backwards and give it to me. I think he had one to many cocktails one evening. LOL! The little cuttie kissing me is my son Mitchell (aspiring young musician). He is about 4 years old in this photo. He is 12 now and is growing a mustache. :) My how time flies. I ADORE your music!!! What a voice! Fabulous girl! You are very talented. It is such a pleasure to meet you. Take care. Lezah :)
At 12:27pm on June 17, 2008, Lou and Eva said…
Hi Marissa, First off, as an fellow animal lover you always will be given first priority. That means your messages will be read before all others. haha(o: Yes, its so nice to connect here at Stans Place. Thanks to dear, sweet Bev.
You music is the best. What a beautiful voice you have. Are you also playing keyboards as well in your compositions? If so, you are most amazingly gifted. Very soothing, and relaxing songs to to listen to. You have designed a really nice page as well here. We haven't figured out how to do that just yet. We see you are into chemistry, Lou is also into chemistry, he knows exactly how to make Eva explode. LOL (o; We are both a bit confused when you say you have 5 "nines," 4 "lines," and 2 "fins." please explain what that means when you get a chance. We think your saying: nines=cats, lines=dogs and fins=fish. are we correct? if so thats alot of pets! Have a great day and hope to talk more, Love from NY Eva (o; and Lou (o;
At 2:00pm on June 17, 2008, Marla said…
How's my favorite Mar doin'? Yeah, I truly do look forward to burnin' up the phone wires with ya very soon. We're getting Mommaboppa P prepared to leave for northern California tomorrow - she's teaching again at Madeline Eastman's Jazz Camp West. Pretty cool place - heard that not just from Mommaboppa P, but from many of the "campers," who range in age from say, about 6 to 76 (or something like that)! I'm thinking of driving to Saratoga in a couple of weeks to attend the concerts at the Skidmore summer jazz program. My old friend Pat LaBarbera is there and I haven't seen him in a few years. To have the opportunity to hear Pat, Bill Cunliffe, Curtis Fuller, Bobby Shew, Todd Coolman, Clayton Cameron...well, we'll see if I can get my act together and put it on Broadway (as we might say since I just returned from midtown Manhattan). I'll post some more rare Mr. Getz as soon as I can clear the desk here a bit! Sorry 'bout the high humidity - do you have air conditioning in them 'thar parts? Mine is going today even though it is only about 72 degrees...humidity is up here, too, making it a definite A/C day.

Love and vitamin supplements,
Marla Delete Comment
At 2:42pm on July 6, 2008, Joan DesCarpentier said…
Hello Marissa:) You have got a wonderful voice! I finally got a little breather from my studies to come and travel around a bit and hear some music AND relax at the same time;) Many blessings to you:))
At 4:28pm on July 20, 2008, Joan DesCarpentier said…
Awee:) You are so very kind Marissa, thank you. Yes, I would have to agree on my kiddos and grandbaby....they are most precious to me. YES! I think it would be so surreal and cool to actually meet face to face with so many winning sweet souls who share frienships as well as an adoration for Stan Getz and music in general. I see you love organic chemistry:) My daughter Dominique is a 4.0 Magna Cum Laud Texas A & M Chemistry Graduate (Is that parent braggery??? haha)
She is fun to shop with because she breaks down EVERY ingredient, say.. in a facewash, to the chemistry involved. Never ceases to amaze me and sometimes have a tear or two. I am just very humbly proud;) ) Have a beautiful evening as well as the week ahead. Keep making beautiful music with that wonderful voice...LOVE the listening. This is my "home away from home." (-;0 Blessings to you and yours
At 11:22pm on July 20, 2008, Lou and Eva said…
Hey Marissa, How great is that, a tribute concert to your Mom. We are both wondering what kind of sax Mom played ?
You were definitely Blessed to be raised with a family who loved jazz and encouraged a musical back round ! When I was a kid, I used to take my clarinet into the Bronx and play outside on the sidewalk. My late Uncle Dom ( God rest his soul ) used to yell down to me from his apartment window and requested if I could play "Far Far Away". For the life of me, I thought he was requesting a Song. LOL But life has a way of getting even, he later went bald only on the top center of his head, and I would always refer to his head as an abandoned birds nest. (:
These gas prices has got us staying close to home this year, as well as the whole nation. How's gas prices there in TX. Lowest price here is about $4.30 a gallon. Its sad, even the people who volunteer for -Meals On Wheels- to bring meals to the seniors and shut ins are stopping their volunteer work because they can't afford the gas to ride to their houses.
Sure hope there a change in the future.
Have a great time with the upcoming concert, Your Mom will be smiling at you. You'll be playing her favorites, so you can't go wrong. On that note. High C# I think, we'll say goodnight. Stay Blessed - Lou & Eva
At 8:51pm on July 21, 2008, Denis Ouellet said…
Hi Marissa,

Dropping by to say hi. I am not sure of the date
for your Mom's concert. Good luck with that.

Take care Marissa
At 10:31pm on July 21, 2008, Marla said…
Sending some love your way...

At 11:42pm on July 21, 2008, Denis Ouellet said…
Thank you Marissa. I will certainly be thinking about you on that night;)
Hope it all goes well and would love to hear how it comes out.

The Great White North is pretty hot these days;) I am not complaining though.
I can't have enough of this warm sun;))

At 7:37am on July 22, 2008, Bev Getz said…
Hi Marissa!
I haven't had much time to spend on line these days, but am taking a moment to 'troll'(LOL!) our little community. I don't know why, but I haven't heard your tracks until just now... and I have GOOSE BUMPS! You have a BEAUTIFUL voice Marissa. Beautiful! Actually, it sounds very much like the warm, lush tone of a tenor sax... your Stan quote above is very fitting! You and Stan would have sounded amazing together. Wish he was still around so that could happen! Thanks for sharing your tracks with us and for being a part of our Stan's forum!

At 12:57am on July 23, 2008, Arthur Schroeck said…
I see you're here too.
At 4:28am on July 23, 2008, Lou and Eva said…
Yes Marissa we are both 2nd generation Italians too, and if you ever caught the show "Everyone Loves Raymond" it really hits a little too close to home. haha Being on Long Island and all. That's where most of the Italians migrated to from the city. How did you migrate out as far as TX. ? Are there even any Pizzerias around ? lol Don't worry we'll call you Cousin Marrissa, and air mail some fine Italian food from NY. Meatballs, lasagna, manicotti, you name it! Although all these great foods will probably be the death of us. Now knowing how bad the carbs are for us.
We hope you be adding more of your songs to your player. We would love to hear more. Especially the one your Mom wrote for you. Do you plan on taping any of upcoming concert ? You could film it with a digital camera as a mov. file, and upload it right to you tube and then send all your friends the link.Even on your page here. Thats how we were able to put Paulie, the baby squirrel we raised last year onto our my space web page. Also Mike Barrone did that with his band thats also on our page. You tube does't charge you for that. Stop on by:
With hurricane Dolly now heading towards the TX coast as a class # 1 we hope you are safe and are not to close to the coast. Our other new and dear sweet friend Joan, "Sweet and Saxy" is also a TX resident. We will keep you both in our prayers. Get your rain gear ready, they were talking up to 15" of rain on the news. Let us know how you make out. luv, Lou and Eva
At 5:47pm on July 29, 2008, Joan DesCarpentier said…
Hey Marissa....just stopped in to listen and say hello. Great way to take a break from the days doldrum activity lol I really love the song "Black Is"..very soothing which is always a wonderful thing. Blessings to you(-:0
At 9:23pm on August 18, 2008, Denis Ouellet said…

I don't know if you are in Duluth now.
Wanted to wish you good luck for tomorrow night.
Have a good time and let me know how it goes.

At 4:59pm on August 21, 2008, Marla said…
Sending some love your way and looking forward to hearing about the concert.

At 8:06am on September 12, 2008, Steve Getz said…
Dear Marissa: Thank you for your message.It was all thanks to my dad that I acquired a great love and curiousity about music.I miss him terribly.The photo shows father and son in the studio.He told me I had to go home as I had been at the session long enough, so a photographer took a shot of us as I was giving him a goodbye kiss. I was not sitting at the console,just walking around in the studio.It was this moment that in earnest bonded me to music and further bonded me to my father.All the best,Steve
At 8:53pm on September 12, 2008, Denis Ouellet said…
Marissa thank you. Great to hear from you. I am so glad it went well. That must have been quite a night. Would love to hear it. Great about the trio/quartet. It's nice to be able to do that.

Here we started the band practice for the new season;)
Love it. I was trying to get into another band but no luck yet.
Ah well .... will see;)

You Stepped Out of A Dream
At 9:20pm on September 12, 2008, Joan DesCarpentier said…
Thank you Marissa:) Well, I think in Austin I am pretty much safe, but all three of my kids are right at the bullseye of the brunt of IKE. Needless to say I am praying overtime as well as crying more than my share of tears....very unsettling feeling:/ Yes I will be glad when this has all blown over and I can sigh that big mothers only sigh of relief. Blessings to you & I appreciate your sweet frienship my Texas friend:)) Delete Comment

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