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At 6:53pm on September 9, 2009, Bev Getz said…
Hey! Here you are!!! LOL!! Thanks so much for joining Glenn! Really honored and happy to have you with us! Looking forward to hearing some more of your work posted! WELCOME!

At 8:55pm on September 9, 2009, Bev Getz said…
What a sweet comment Glenn! THANK YOU! ((-:
At 1:46pm on September 14, 2009, RUBIANO Gérard said…
Good evening Sir,

I'm very impressed to write to you, because I know what you are able to do with a trumpet !!
So, at this time near Nice and Monaco we are looking for musicians like you, they are so rare!
I hope you will come in my area of France, why not?
That's true we have many movies in this area, I know that because I'm a police officer and sometimes we are making the security around the "movie's area !
I appreciate what you are writing to me, I'm very honoured!
All my best regards!
P.S: If you want, you can have a look of what I did with my last painting of Stan Getz!
May be, one day, I will draw you on a painting, that's a good idea!
At 3:31pm on September 14, 2009, RUBIANO Gérard said…
Dear Sir,
Thank you very much for your answer! Of course, I know Sydney Bechet, I've got many compact disc of him...because I play "Petite fleur", "les oignons" and others songs he made with my saxophone, a soprano one!
I know that you were playing with DANKO Harold (pianist) and that you play both saxophone & trumpet!
If you can send me a very good picture of you, it will be a pleasure for me to paint you ! It will be a big honour!
As you see, I am trying actually to paint with the music of the album "Kind of Blue" of Miles Davis, because I am always painting with the music of the people I paint !
You can see the sketch of my version of " Kind of blue" on my personal page of this excellent web site that Bev Getz do !
She looks like a very kind woman, I like her spirit ! I hope to help her to found a museum to honourate her dad ! "may be one day ", will see !
Best regards!

At 3:36pm on September 14, 2009, RUBIANO Gérard said…
Dear Sir,

With the video you send to Bev, I think I can draw something!

Best regards
At 3:50pm on September 14, 2009, RUBIANO Gérard said…
I know also that you were playing with Lionel HAMPTON, a very famous gentleman of the Jazz !
I could say that because I met him personnaly during few minutes in Saint-Marteen in the French West Indies!
At this time, I was a young police officer and I had the opportunity to see the big band of Lionel HAMPTON was for me a great moment when at the end of his performance (show) I was having the rights to speak with him for about 15 minutes, I often think about the luck I was having to meet such a beautiful musician was amazing for me to see this "old man" beeing "so young" when he was playing !!! It was incredible ...that was the time which I began to play by myself fact...I am still trying to play music...may be to stay "Young" !!!
Jazz is amazing to be younger, this music is a stimulant ! AWESOME !!
At 4:32pm on September 14, 2009, RUBIANO Gérard said…
Dear Glenn,

I saw the video you told me with Bob Wilber, this song "SI TU VOIS MA MERE" is very well played, it sounds beautiful! Really, I like it so much that I will try to play it with my soprano saxophone !

I would like to tell you that I appreciate your congratulations for what I've done with the painting of Stan! I also would like to say you that the painting done for your very first album live at Eddie Condon's is very nice and very well done ! Truly ! I hope you will upload FYI !

By the way, I put your video with Bob wilber on the site like that all the people of this excellent web site could see it, sure they will appreciate !

All my best regards, Sir!

At 7:09pm on September 14, 2009, Glenn Zottola said…
thanks G'erard for all this beautiful communication ! What you are doing is very important both to the artist with your appreciation of their music and your wonderful painting. Let me think about a picture to send you as i am archiving a lot right now and also possibly music that might inspire you for a painting. I spent 2 years with the Benny Goodman sextet and after i left Benny i was interested in what it would feel like to play in the format of the famous trio with Teddy Wilson and Krupa. I put together a trio and did 35 concerts in Europe. It was very demanding and the cut of " i'm confessin" that is on my page here is from a concert in the UK with that trio. Regarding Hamp it was the first big band i went out on the road with when i was 17 years old and he was amazing and i couldn't keep up with his energy on the road. I have some very funny stories on all these experiences. Glenn
At 1:16am on September 28, 2009, Richard Ransom said…
So nice of you for the add..Thanks. Rick
At 2:05pm on October 11, 2009, RUBIANO Gérard said…
Hello Glenn,

Thank you so much for your mail! I know I'm not a real musician because I just started to learn music to late but that 's true that I love music specially Jazz and blues !
I would like to be able to do a "jam session" with true musicians like you ...may be one day..I've just made my 45 years old this week and may be in many years I could be good enought to play with others!
Learning by myself is my pleasure because with my job as police officer I work "night & day" and this is not possible for me to learn with a teacher...that's why I'm learning trying to copy what I listen!
Thank you so the way, I did not forget you at all, I've started to paint your portrait and it is quite good when I will finish it I will take a picture of this paint and I will add it on this web site!
Hope you are fine!!!
All my best!
Have a nice day!
At 6:03pm on October 16, 2009, RUBIANO Gérard said…
Dear Glenn
Thank you so much for what you said to me, I'm thinking like you:" it is never too late ! I like " creating", what is important to me is "doing something but doing something with the heart" ! I think that my job help me you're right... it is really a great "therapy". I hope that you will love to see "your painting" !!!
By the way, the commission for arts of EZE-Village is agree to organize the "Tribute to Stan Getz " next summer 2010!
I'm very happy for this, there will be a special exposition of jazz paintings and a Jazz concert where you are invited for playing, if you want! I will give you the dates as soon as possible, normally tomorrow I will have the date for the concert!
Have a good night!
Best regards!
At 10:27pm on October 16, 2009, Denis Ouellet said…
Glenn, the music goes straight to my heart.
Absolutely beautiful.
Thank you for posting.

At 1:52pm on October 18, 2009, Denis Ouellet said…
Thank you Glenn.
But your sound on tenor is just so beautiful. I am taken by it.
Very soulful.
So happy you're here on Stan's forums. Like Bev said this a place where all
music lovers can share. It's an honor to have you here.
Wonderful experiences you had. Benny, Gerry, Zoot ....
That must have been a ball. I love Zoot.
We are lucky these guys left us so much music to enjoy.
Again Glenn, your music is right up there.The top.
We are in Montreal Glenn. The scene is changed from the old days. But we have Jazz festivals ...
Yes Bob Wilber another marvellous musician.
My Best Glenn

At 4:17pm on October 21, 2009, RUBIANO Gérard said…
Dear Glenn,
I've got a very good news for you !
The Arts commission of Eze-Village, a very nice town between NICE and MONACO is agree to give us the opportunity to create the "TRIBUTE TO STAN GETZ " Concert in their castle !
It will take place in the Botanic Garden of this old castle and in the same time, you will have a painting exposure.

The date for the "TRIBUTE TO STAN GETZ " is : 21th august 2010.

I hope to see you for this event!

Tell me if this is possible!!!

Hope to see you soon!

At 5:01pm on October 22, 2009, RUBIANO Gérard said…
Dear Glenn,

Thank you very much to give me all these good encouragements!

Best regards!


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