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Remembering Stan...

It's like the moonlight.

It's like love on a special night.

It's like something cherished that you'll never want to forget.

It's like life is good and things are going in the right direction.

It's like unison and harmony and improvisation that connects with the listener.

It's all the things beautiful and harmonious.

It's like a lot of the nice things we seem to have forgotten about through the years.

It's like loving that first flower in May.

It's like celebrating the Sunrise.

It's like People Time.

It's like that feeling when you first catch the scent of the salt air.

It's like softly as in a morning's sunrise.

It's like that special feeling when you're literally lifted off the ground with joy.

It's like Dear Old Stockholm.

It's like all things smell good and taste good and feel good and sound good.

It's like you and me and all of those wonderful memories embedded into the inner soul of our being.

It's like being alive and enjoying every minute of the ride - even the hard times when it seems that nothing is ever going to work right.

It's like accepting things the way they are and forgetting about trying to change them.

It's like East of the Sun and West of the Moon.

It's like bathing in scented water

It's like bathing in scented water with you

It's like bathing in scented water with all of you

It's like being alive and screaming with joy if only just for that one reason.

It's like not caring about the trivial matters that try to dampen our every day.

It's like celebrating the joy of living.

It's like a good pesto sauce on a hot July afternoon with a chilled bottle of dry, white wine.

It's like a Stan Getz solo.

Jesus, do I miss him

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Comment by Denis Ouellet on February 26, 2010 at 7:25am
Thank you for this beautifully written poem.


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