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Remembering Stan...

I received an email from a lovely lady in Scandinavia about Stan. It was so sweet and also so revealing as to who Stan really was, that I asked if she would allow me to post her email. Christina graciously agreed... following is what she wrote:

And again.. Thank you so much Christina!

" Hi Bev
I want you to know that meeting Stan back then was one of the greatest experiences of my life. He was very kind to me and his hospitality was outstanding. During the two months I stayed in Los Angeles I went to his place 10-12 times and each time we spent many hours together - he let me join in all the activities going on at the time, dinner parties, a Lakers basketball game, the movies, he even took me to an AA meeting. Every time I went there I would play a little for him and ask a lot of questions, which he tried to answer as well as possible - both the clever and the stupid questions! :) I am so grateful for having had this rare opportunity to get close to him and his wonderful personality and to understand more of his great musicianship! You know, the most important thing I learned from him was that as a musician you have to play 'you' and what I found was that all the qualities I heard in his music, I recognized in his personality as well - this gave such great meaning to me and has been a guideline for me all through my own musical life.
A big thanks to you for honouring him with this site - I'm happy to get a chance to share with you, his closest family, the wonderful experience I had with him!
all the best to you and your family from

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Comment by Denis Ouellet on July 15, 2009 at 10:17pm
Thank you Christina for sharing that wonderful experience with all of us.



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