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I added a new transcription of Stan Getz's solo on Woody 'N You to my website:


- Scooby

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At the site above, Stan's ride on Woody and You (C version) shows Stan playing an E at the C7 chord, C dom 7 consisting of C E G and Bflat. However, woodwind prisoners have taken the bait of the fingering pedagogue who commanded them to think of a tenor sax as "in the key of Bflat." Without pressing a single key, the tenor sax open plays a concert B. And it's that simple: you start from there rather than thinking of the names of the keys as the pedagogue names them. Thus, the first note (going up the chromatic scale [italics]) is a concert C. The first note (going down the chromatic scale [italics]) is a Bflat. Now the prisoners see the conundrum: what they have always thought of as a D is now a C. 

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