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Dear Friends,
this last days I read two different informatons: the tune "Parker 51" was composed by Stan Getz or by Jimmy Raney? And the album "The greatest of Stan Getz" contains a performance of "Parker 51" from 1951 live session at Storyville? THANK YOU. Daniela

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Daniela, Parker 51 is credited to Jimmy Raney.
And yes from that recording "The Greatest of Stan Getz"
the track Parker 51 is from a live broadcast from Storyville
in Boston October 28 1951.
Surely one of the greatest live recordings.


Thank you Denis. This is the first page of this composition, sended me from a friend of mine. I don't understand why from the top of the page is wrote "a Stan's classic composition".


Parker 51 has been transcribed by Tim Price in his book "Great Tenor Sax Solos".
So maybe he can shed some light on this.
Well unless I am mistaken most likely this is a transcribtion of Stan's solo.
Of course the head is printed first. The solos must be following after;))

I have the entire solos, this is just the first page. The point is that after the title I reeding "Parker 51 is Stan's classic composition on Cherokee chord changes".
Thank you

Thank you Thomas. You are everytime so kind. I'm making a tesis on the great Stan Getz, but the informations, sometimes are so different. Have a beautiful day.
Thank you Thomas. I could not have said it better.
I hope this clears it up Daniela.

Thank you Denis
My goodness.... a WEALTH of information here! Thanks guys!! I wouldn't know any of this without ya'll!!

Just a quick hello as I'm in a not so friendly internet area... hardly any connection, but managed to get on here for a second!! Be home soon!!

Love you all!
Thanks Bev, see you soon.:)

I am the tune was composed by Jimmy Raney. First because Stan Getz never really composed anything. There are a few tunes in his discography which were signed under Getz's name, but they are most of all improvisations on blues or standard chord changes. In his collaboration with Jimmy Raney, Getz mostly played standards arranged by Raney or some original compositions of the guitarist. So Parker 51 is likely to be one of those.
Stan Getz "never really composed anything"?

Tunes I've found attributed to him on the CDs in my collection are:

Sweetie Pie (Gold Dejavu Retro Collection, CD1)
Ah-Moore (ditto)
Stan's Blues (Live at Montmartre, vol.1)

Each of these has a head, before the improvised solos. What evidence do we have that Stan did not compose the heads, even if to the chord changes from another song? (A common practice at the time.)

7 July 2009
Sweetie Pie was composed by John Jacob Loeb.

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