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Big Band Bossa Nova
Stan Getz

This disc is the essential globetrotting musical companion for all.
With arrangements by Gary McFarland and a whos who on the personel like; Stan Getz (tenor saxophone); Gary McFarland (conductor); Doc Severisen, Bernie Glow, Joe Ferrante, Clark Terry, Nick Travis (trumpet); Ray Alonge (French horn); Tony Studd, Bob Brookmeyer, Willie Dennis (trombone); Ray Beckenstein (flute, clarinet); Gerald Sanfino (flute); Eddie Caine (alto flute); Babe Clark, Walt Levinsky (clarinet); Romeo Penque (bass clarinet); Hank Jones (piano); Jim Hall (guitar); Tommy Williams (bass); Johnny Rae (drums); Jose Paulo (tambourine); Carmen Costa (cabassa)....well it's a plus.

Let's do this on the forum- let's _ALL_talk about this disc. If you got it, let's hear from you!! If you don't jump over to Amazon or CD baby and grab it. It's that essential. Then stop by and let us hear YOUR views ok?

This will intro all of us to some exceptional Stan music with one of my all time fav' writers Gary McFarland.

This will be fun- looking forward to the energy!!!

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Thanks for bringing this up Tim.
Such a wonderful album. I love the sound
that Gary McFarland created for this session.
Such a refreshingly different take on these great tunes.
Can we have a favorite ?;) Chega de Saudade,
for the lovely interplay between Bob and Stan
and its sheer melodic beauty.


Well I only THOUGHT I had heard the best it Getz:) This is one of those buy 2 at a time CDs..I love it! Denis, I have to go with you IF there is a forceable fave..."CHEGA DE SAUDADE" WOULD WIN MY VOTE...I am so glad a choice isn't mandatory;)
I have "One Note Samba" video on my MySpace and it is excellent, but the "SAMBA DE UMA NOTA SO" has so many additional directions and sounds I am amazed. I close my eyes and I am in another world....This is dangerous if you are, at the same time, practicing your samba skills...hahaaa Bossa Nova aka "new thing"...quite enjoyable to say the least. Hard to believe the movement only lasted 6 years or so....Good things never have to come to an end so long as we keep them alive:) Thank you Tim....FUNTASTIC FORUM(-;
Hi all. I can't wait to get this disk. My only comment is that when I went to Amazon and read the editoral review, Stan the man was not mentioned. As soon as I get my CD I will comment back, can't wait.
Merci beaucoup Tim...I enjoy this:)

Hey Frankeric.... if you go to this link there is a little review there..pretty much centered around "Stan the man" :),,91651,00.html

This was not my final decision as far as transaction, but the read was good...for the exception of comment made in reference to "ONE NOTE SAMBA"...I love that song and think it sounds great...maybe the commentator just doesn't quite "get it," or he is just... commentating:)
At any rate, I came, read and then I went elsewhere for purchase Hey gotta GETZ the best deal so you can buy MORE right?(-:0
Thanks Joan, you always straighten me out. Guess what, when I read about this CD I went to Amazon and put in Big Band Bossa Nova. What I got was Quincy Jones & His Orchestra Big Band Bossa Nova. No wonder there was no mention of Stan the man. 2 albums with the same name?
I'll order the one via your link.
thans again
Oh, my pleasure Frankeric. Yes, that was the first thing that pulled up for me as well so I went to the specifics of the CD by name of artist. Quincys ok...but Stan IS Bossa Nova:) I actually purchased my CD through CD Universe. Their prices are good, and they have a plethora of Stan Getz CDs to coose from...their packing leaves a lot to be desired. My case actually had a little crack in it..New I anticipated opening a cracked CD case with damaged goods within...Thankfully that wasn't the "case" TOO EASY (-:0

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