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At 4:41pm on April 29, 2008, Bev Getz said…
Hey Denis!

Welcome!! So glad you found your way over here!

At 5:30pm on April 29, 2008, Joannah said…
Good to see you here as well Denis! Much better than the old forum ;-) Have a great week!
At 5:47pm on April 29, 2008, Jaijai Jackson said…
Hi Denis,
Nice to meet you here! Can't wait to hear your music!
All my best,
At 5:41pm on April 30, 2008, Hilde Hefte said…
Hi Denis.
I'm fine - hope you are too.
Great to be HERE isn't it?
Hilde :-)
At 9:31pm on April 30, 2008, Bev Getz said…
Hi Denis!
Of course it's OK! You can put up anything you like! It's cool with me! Or have whatever is up from Stan!

Thanks for being here Denis!
At 8:53pm on May 1, 2008, adagio said…
Thank you so much for extending your friendship to me. This is a great place to be... and great to have a fellow Canadian to share with.
Have a wonderful weekend ---
At 12:30am on May 2, 2008, Owen Summers said…
Thank you, Denis.

This looks like it could be very cool.
At 9:04am on May 2, 2008, Gregory Dudzienski said…
Thanks Denis,
Great to be here and I look forward to the hang...
At 10:32am on May 3, 2008, Bev Getz said…
Good Morning Denis!
I'm good! You?
Nice relatively quiet Saturday here... (so far!)

Have a great one!

At 9:38pm on May 4, 2008, Joan DesCarpentier said…
Hi Denis. Yes this is a fabulous forum to cometo...I ma glad to be a part. If any music "Getz" me is that of Stan Getz:) I have heard none other like it and truely an appreciate every note played. God bless you:)
At 9:40pm on May 4, 2008, Joan DesCarpentier said…
Hello Bev you sweetheart you:) This is one more wonderful thing you have put together in memory of your dad and i think it to be fantabulous:) have a blessed week! (-; xxoo
At 6:31pm on May 6, 2008, Gandalfe said…
Dude, I don't play well enough to carry your sax case. ;o)

But I luv to play. :o)
At 11:03am on May 9, 2008, Bill Barnes said…
Thanks for the kind welcome, Denis!
At 2:32am on May 14, 2008, Marissa Dodge said…
Denis, great to finally meet you! I've seen you on TJN several times and have been wanting to hang. My mom played sax and introduced me to Stan Getz music decades ago, and I do mean decades! It'll be nice to relive those memories here and to meet cool folks like yourself who know true music when they hear it. I hope to hear you play soon too! I'll visit your TJN page tonight.

Here's to you & all the sweetest notes!
At 8:22am on May 14, 2008, Marla said…
Hi Denis,

I'm glad you enjoyed the video - as I just commented to Bev, to me, it is one of the most touching videos, by anyone, in my collection.

Have a great day!

At 12:17am on May 15, 2008, Marla said…

I know Montreal isn't around the corner from Toronto, but since you are a saxophonist, I have to ask if you know my good friend and brilliant musician, Pat LaBarbera?

At 12:38am on May 19, 2008, Jota Resende said…
Hi Denis,
Nice to meet too
I am honored for you visit and comment.
You are a great musician!
Best wishes from Brazil!
At 2:48am on May 30, 2008, Geoff Sims (not related to Zoot} said…
Hi Denis
Wondered if you ever heard Errol Buddle.our best jazz musician in Australia.
Errol won a down beat poll in the 50's on bassoon and formed the Australian Jazz Quartet
I think Errol may have played with Stan at some stage but I'm not sure.
I used to play tenor myself but only semi professional
Have always been fascinated by Stan's sound in the upper register.
Anyhow its great that this site preserves one of the most exciting tenor players ever.
Geoff Sims
At 8:56pm on June 17, 2008, Marla said…
Hi Denis!

Thanks; no I didn't see your reply. Will check over there now. Tomorrow, I'll put up the other tune from the same video - in fact, I'm going to be asking all you experts to help me, as Stan is playing a ballad I don't know (right after he does Woody 'n You. If I can, may post it to my page here soon!

Take care/keep in touch,
At 10:31am on June 20, 2008, Bev Getz said…
Hey Big D!

I'm backkkk!!!! ((-:


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