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As a complement to the rare Stan Getz thread I would like
to upload a few representative tracks.

The first one is from "Stan Getz with the Lighthouse All Stars"

A tune that Stan most likely played quite often around that time.
There is also a recording of it made in Birdland in August 1952.
Billie Holiday loved to sing this tune too.
I am sure Stan was a great romantic;)

The stunningly beautiful song
I Only Have Eyes For You (Warren/Dubin) .

So only a bit more than nine months after the Birdland gig here it is with a stellar
rhythm section on May 31, 1953.
Back to that beautiful club for a few minutes of paradise on earth.

Russ Freeman piano, Howard Rumsey bass and Shelly Manne drums.

Groovin' High

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Comment by Denis Ouellet on October 31, 2008 at 7:13pm
For the next track we stay around the same time.
The liner notes on this CD says 1950 but I would say 1953.
This is the concert at San Francisco Memorial headlining
the three giants of the saxophone Wardell Gray, Stan and
Zoot Sims playing with the Gerald Wilson Big Band.

Now Stan standing between Wardell and Zoot plays
Out Of Nowhere with that great rhythm section.
It's his showcase. We all know how inventive Stan is with
the melody. Here is a beautiful example.
Every time Stan played it, he found something new to say.
A new way to transform the melody, enhancing it making it
his own. Even that early on he was quoting "Broadway".
Just too beautiful.

You came to me from Out Of Nowhere

Comment by Denis Ouellet on December 5, 2008 at 4:32pm
Stan was a very emotionally charged player. He used the saxophone
truly as a voice. Always playing with lots of musical devices.
A beautiful example is El Cahon played at Marciac.
This goes straight to my heart. He cries, talks, laughs plays all over
the range of the saxophone. Nothing ordinary here.

So here it is the wonderful Johnny Mandel El Cahon


Comment by Denis Ouellet on December 23, 2008 at 9:27pm
Time After Time

Yes Stan in Canada (-:
The great Edmonton concert.
Again Stan plays with so much emotions.
Listen to him on that beautiful standard Time After Time.
The essence of the tune is preserved but Stan just weaves so much beauty
into its harmonic content.
Hip solo from John. Great groove.

It's You Or No One
Comment by Denis Ouellet on February 1, 2009 at 9:42am
The real stompin' tenor (-:

That must have been quite literally an electrifying concert.

So let's go back almost thirty years ago.
1979 in the Netherlands.

Unfortunately the track is cut short after the bass solo.
Nonetheless we have almost all of it.

Stan's Blues.

Stan, Andy Laverne on piano, Chuck Loeb on guitar, Victor Jones drums unknown bass.

You Stepped Out Of A Dream
Comment by Denis Ouellet on February 28, 2009 at 9:19pm
Again another example of Stan always coming up with something fresh.
From the beautiful Pescara Concert. Stan and Kenny sure played
Just Friends many times. Here they both swing mightily. The mood
is just incredible. You would want to get lost and listen.

So with Kenny, Yasuhito Mori and Ben Riley
from July 23 1983 in Pescara Italy

Just Friends

So inventive.

It's You Or No One
Comment by Denis Ouellet on April 4, 2009 at 5:44pm
Again a live performance which highlights the musicianship
of all the band members.

The personnel on that night.

Stan, Tony Fruscella trumpet, John Williams piano , Bill Anthony bass
and Frank Isola drums.

The track "Get Happy"

Beautiful solos from Stan, the seldom heard Tony Fruscella and John Williams.
So back to January 23 1955 at Birdland.

Comment by Denis Ouellet on April 15, 2009 at 9:45pm
Let's go back in time. Nov 1952 Carnegie Hall. The band with the
great Jimmy Raney, Duke Jordan, Bill Crow, and Frank Isola.

Another Stan's favorite signature tune.
There Will Never Be Another You.
What a lovely rendition it is. Stan loved to play it.
Both Jimmy and Duke creating beautiful lines.

That must have been an incredible concert.

Comment by Denis Ouellet on May 10, 2009 at 7:43pm
Every time Stan, Al Cohn, Zoot Sims and Jimmy Giuffre played together, it was something worth recording. Luckily we have one here.

Kool Jazz Festival
Live at Carnegie Hall, New York, June 30, 1982

"Tickle Toe" Prez's beautiful statement.
What a groove this is. The music is a constant source of amazement.
The solos order is Jimmy, Stan, Zoot and Al.

I am reminded of Stan's description for the ideal sax player.

From jazz critic Gene Lees: "Stan Getz was once asked his idea of the perfect tenor saxophone soloist.
His answer was, 'My technique, Al Cohn's ideas, and Zoot's (Sims) time.' "
Here it is displayed in all it's grandeur.

Woodyn' You
Comment by Denis Ouellet on June 7, 2009 at 7:25pm
From Stan in Canada part 2 in Halifax in 1984
with Jim McNeely, George Mraz and Adam Nussbaum
the very poignant interpretation of "My Old Flame"

From Jim lovely solo and to Stan absolute beauty. The way he modulates
at the end is brilliant.
Pure delight.


Out Of Nowhere.
Comment by Denis Ouellet on June 17, 2009 at 9:24pm
Another live date from Basin Street New York
On April 12 1956.

Stan, Dick Katz on piano, Oscar Pettiford bass and Shelly Manne drums

The beautiful track

Lover Come Back To Me (Romberg,Hammerstein)

Stan played it quite often.
One definitive version was recorded just about six months later with
Dizzy Gillespie and Sonny Stitt.
But here it's all Stan


East of The Sun


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