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Beautiful email about Stan...

I received an email from a lovely lady in Scandinavia about Stan. It was so sweet and also so revealing as to who Stan really was, that I asked if she would allow me to post her email. Christina graciously agreed... following is what she wrote:

And again.. Thank you so much Christina!

" Hi Bev

I want you to know that meeting Stan back then was one of the greatest experiences of my life. He was very kind to me and his hospitality was outstanding. During the two…

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One of our members, Karl Sterling, just informed me that we had a couple "colorful girls" spamming on here in an ugly fashion. So sorry!

If anyone receives any spam, please let me know so I can AX them! ((-;


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Stan Getz to blame for world financial crisis!(?!)

The daily Stockholm newspaper.

Dagens Nyheter Oct 14 2008 edition, concluded that Stan Getz was partly to blame for the financial crisis now plaguing the world. The reason: After an article in the New York Times

"Taking a hard new look at a Greenspan legacy"

The Swedish paper concluded that things might have been different had Greenspan pursued a musical…


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"Pennies From Heaven" analysis by Greg Fishman - June 4, 2008

Stan Getz’s Improvised Solo on "Pennies from Heaven" (from Stan Getz and the Oscar Peterson Trio, Verve 827 826-2) by Greg Fishman

Recorded in 1957—when Stan Getz was only 30 years old—the "Pennies From Heaven" solo stands up to the test to time amazingly well. Over five decades have passed since the solo was recorded, yet it doesn’t sound dated. This is one of the characteristics that all the jazz masters share: a timeless quality.

General Observations

This solo…

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"Stan Getz Through The Years", by Joseph Hooper - NY Times Magazine, Sunday June 9, 1991

Originally posted this as a 'forum' piece. I meant for it to be a blog. Still trying to navigate my way around here! So... Please excuse the double posting!


Doing an Internet search for something completely unrelated today, I came across the following interview that was published in the New York Times, Sunday Magazine on June 9, 1991. We… Continue

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Irving Bob Mesher, Stan's childhood friend

I received an email (below) from a lovely gentleman by the name of Irving Mesher. It seems Irving was a childhood friend of Stan’s and next door neighbor. I do have a very faint memory of hearing about a childhood buddy named "Irv". However, Mr. Mesher was known as "Bob" back then! It seems that Irv is the man responsible for getting Stan playing the sax. Turns out that Stan wanted to play the drums in Irv’s band! (DRUMS!!! OIY!!) But since they already had a drummer, (phew! I… Continue

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