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"STAN GETZ THROUGH THE YEARS" -by Joseph Hooper - NY Times Magazine - June 9, 1991

While doing an Internet search for something completely unrelated today, I came across the following interview that was published in the New York Times, Sunday Magazine on June 9, 1991. We (family) hadn’t known that this was the scheduled publishing date for the article. Dad died on the previous Thursday, June 6th. I can still remember how I felt coming across this article just a few days later. I didn't like the article when I first read it. Perhaps that was because Dad and I had very recently discussed it when he was sent a draft sometime the month before. He was upset with me for a comment I made referring to "us" (the offspring) as "casualties of war". He knew what I meant by that and even agreed, but he was upset and feeling a bit betrayed by my comment. I think it had surprised him that I had said this, as I had always been his biggest and most vocal DEFENDER! At that time, I had spoken the truth about growing up in the 'Jazz World”… (I really don’t like that term!) When I read the article that Sunday, I understood why he had been saddened by my words. He knew he was dying. I hadn’t known. I was being told that he was still fighting the good fight… and winning. Needless to say, I was horribly guilty and sad that I had said anything at all that would be understood as being negative.

Last summer I spoke with the author, Joe Hooper. He sent me a copy of it and I read it again for the first time in 16 years. This time I had a very different opinion. I realized that I haven’t considered myself to be a “casualty of war” for many years! I must have felt that way at that time, but that has long since faded. I suppose my view from ‘this’ end (age wise!), is that our life “is what it is” and speaking for myself, I am who I am as a result of the life I was born into. We don’t have much control over our lives as children, but we certainly do once we become adult enough to realize that it’s all pretty much our own responsibility to be whom we are or how we choose to walk in our own shoes. I now don’t regret what I said in the article nor do I wish any of my childhood could have been different. I cherish all the good memories I have (and there are many!) and I’m proud of my father, for all that he was, all that he accomplished in his life and for the beautiful legacy he left behind… under very difficult circumstances. Being children in that household certainly had it’s challenges, but being Stan was much more difficult and painful. I’m certain of that.

I’m posting this article and my little blurb as I felt like ‘sharing’ it today! Tomorrow I may feel differently… but as “Dear Old Dad” used to say…. “Ahhh…Who Cares”! (Always said while exhaling with a deep sigh!). I think whoever chooses to read the article will find it insightful (thank you Joe Hooper – very thoughtfully written), and interesting.



Follow link below to read article.

Stan Getz Through the Years
Published: June 9, 1991

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Thank you Bev.
Nice to read that article again.
I appreciate the comments.

Bev this was a wonderful read, I loved your comments. And ultimately we are dealt the cards we're dealt in this life and you are right that while we couldn't control much in life as a child... we certainly can, and must, as adults. After all... there's only one set of feet in the shoes we're wearing in this life, right!?

It was also a wonderful article and it was thoughtfully written. Mostly insightful through quotes from Stan himself.

There was one early on about "Bloodcount"...
"I think about Strayhorn when I play the song," he says. "You can hear him dying. When it's in minor key, you can hear the man talking to God."

And his description of Kenny Barron as "the other half of my heart," (as Getz identified him on the Carnegie stage)

And later ... an interviewer once remarking to Getz that he looked so cool on stage. Getz replied, "Yeah, but inside I'm a seething mass."

For some reason some of his words really stuck out to me... probably because they are so emotional, honest and sincere. But that kind of sensitivity followed me through the whole article.

Anyway... I hope I didn't just sound too stupid o.O You know I get nervous commenting on the forum ;-)

Joannah your comments are right to the point.
Yes I also feel that "sensitivity" permeates the whole article.
No need to be nervous;))
You expressed it way better than I could.

Sweet Bev, reading this, to be honest moved me to tears and few words to say but thank you, for not only sharing Stans heart but yours as well. You are such a blessing.
Much love & Hugs xoxo

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