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Hi friends - I've gone through some pretty heavy stuff these past couple months. One song that always gets me through is Stan's 60s remake of Early Autumn. It's all in there - love, sadness, beauty. Literally makes my heart swell. I love how you can hear his fingers hit the pads from the very beginning...

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A very healing piece of music indeed. I hope the worst of lifes storms are behind you Claire.

Stan Getz Reflections (1963)

Stan Getz / Lalo Schifrin Stan Getz (ts) George Devens (vib)

Kenny Burrell (g) George Duvivier (b) Joe Hunt (d) Lalo Schifrin

(cnd, arr) Choir, Percussions


01 Moonlight In Vermont
02 If Ever I Would Leave You
03 Love
04 Reflections
05 Sleeping Bee
06 Charade
07 Early Autumn
08 Penthouse Serenade
09 Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most
10 Nitetime Street
11 Blowin' In The Wind

"I've owned this controversial album for years and have always

enjoyed it. The arrangements are interesting, with alot (sometimes

too much) back-up from vocals and strings. However, it seems to

me that Stan Getz puts more into his playing on this disc than he

does on the formulaic bossa nova albums of the same period.

Worth the small price just to hear Stan's version of "Blowing in

the Wind""

"This was a demonstration that Stan Getz refused to be boxed

into any one area of music and for that he deserves tons of credit.

Whether it was lilting bossa-nova or unique classically-infused

outings like the brilliant "Focus", Stan was indeed taking risks. On

"Reflections", he goes for a more commercial pop angle and

succeeds about half the time, not because of his playing so much

as Claus Ogerman's arrangements which can range to very

thoughtful and colorful to outright schlock that gets

DANGEROUSLY close to Ray Conniff Singers territory. The real

gems include "Moonlight In Vermont" with its sweeping

arrangement, "Love" with its fiery percolating Latin rhythms and

Stan just letting loose, "Spring Can Hang You Up The Most" and

" Nitetime Street" are real highlights too with tastefully swinging

arrangements. "Charade" is a better than average Bossa tune and

"Penthouse Serenade" is a real ear opener with its tricky 6/8

heavily syncopated meter and Stan just coloring it like an expert

painter. The rest of the album goes more than a little saccharine

and as much as I"ve tried I just CANNOT GET BEHIND this

schlock-treatment of Bob Dylan's "Blowin' In The Wind", it just

does not work! [at least for me] "A Sleeping Bee" is just too bogged down in Ray

Conniff-esque vocal choruses to be listenable, ARRRRRRGH!"

Link to download:

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