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Remembering Stan...

Check this YOU TUBE with Stan, Diz and Arnie Lawrence

Check this out ;

Whew, great stuff !!

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Yeah Tim

Incredible !
No matter the tempo, the notes are so clean and the flow of ideas never ending.
GOOD LORD!!!! That is one JAM (pun intended) PACKED lil video! LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think I have every Getz soundbite with YouTubage favorited. (Is that a word? ;o)
WOW! I am out of breath just watching that video...AMAZING! Can you imagine the ecstatic fun it was to be right in the middle of that?! I am very visual and auditory and I feel it...It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing...Love it! (Looks like I am a little late in post time, but hey better late than never;) Thank you for sharing That is actually one I haven't seen until today..funtabulous!
Holy Moly.....I'm sitting here sweating watching this for the 3rd time. As I've always said "Stan You The Man" and this proves it!
thanks for sharing this....

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