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I get such a kick out of watching this specific Owl Cam...yes Owl cam..Lol I love to watch nature, and to see an Owl raise these owlets is a hoot! Ha accidental pun, but how fitting..LOL They are at an age where the personalities are the greatest entertainment. This is my TV...the animal kingdom on the web;)
Here is the link for anyone interested...and if you say thats for the thats ok too. I can tell by the pictures posted, Stan had a love for his dog..and the magnificiant dolphins...I wonder if he liked owls? ;)

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Thanks so much for sharing this Owl Cam with all of us. We have seen them on TV but never thought of looking them up on the web. A wildlife reality show. lol Wonder if we can get Bev to put a cam up in the Rescued Mare & Foals barn. Her Stable and Farm photos are the best ever.
Hi Lou and Eva:) Yes! That would be so great...I adore horses (well there aren't many animals I met I didn't take a fancy to;) )
This is the first I know about a horse rescue. I see the beautiful pictures of Bev with the horses, but had no idea they were rescues. Aweee, what a beautiful animal to rescue!
HEY BEV???? WE have a question for you. (Like a little kid I am, having to say WE LOL haa)
It would be wonderful to see. Animal planet has a show called "Having My Baby," and when it is a horse that is featured...I am amazed! (and say ouuuuch when the baby falls to the ground:( ) I'm guessin God made em tough like that. lol
At any rate, wonderful idea and i am glad you took a peek at the owls...they are a hoot! lol I cannot help myself with that is just too easy;)



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