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Remembering Stan...

Back at the Stan thing. How's everyone doing?

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Yes! We're BACK! And better than ever! Please let your friends who were on the other forum know Tim! I couldn't get in there to even get email addresses. )-;

All good for Joannah and SUPER STOKED about the new wonderful Stan forum set up.... THIS IS GONNA BE FUN!!!!

Good Times Fo Sho!
This should be really nice. So much more interactive.
Nice to see you guys.

What a great idea.

Looking forward to spend lots of time in our new home

Fo Sho !!! This_could_go on forever ;)

I'z super stoked too boopie. Big fun.
Left you a present on yer page schmoops ;-)
Hey... Did ya start those lesson on cool yet?! Don't know how you feel about it.... but I really think we should pass that off to The Forum Dominatrix, LOL! SHE should be the one teaching that class... with all her CLASS AND SASS AND COOLNESS!!! I've been takin' lessons from her since I met her ;-)))
True oh wise one. The Forum Dom'...needs to let her title be known.
Plus, she and I have some ideas for Stan Getz info. It will take a few but it will happen.

I taught a nice young tenor player today in NYC from Seattle who was investigating schools etc. In a few I'm going to finish my day back @ home in Pa. teaching. So it's a nice Wednesday. Last week Rachel Z and I played CapeMayJazzFestival. Super fun.
Photobucket Watch your step YOU TWO! The DOM lives! And... is WATCHING!



The saucy DOM is baaaaaaaaaaaaack... I'll (try to) be good... most days anyway, WINK! LMAO, if that's okay with you.. AHHHHH HAHAHAH!!!
That monkey looks rabid - ahaha.
Yes Tim! She does... and.... SHE IS! (((-:


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