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At 5:08pm on May 13, 2008, Denis Ouellet said…
Hey Marissa,

Great to have you here.

See you soon
At 8:01pm on May 13, 2008, Bev Getz said…
Hi Marissa!

So nice to find you here! Thanks for joining our lil' family! (-:

At 11:08pm on May 13, 2008, Marla said… joined :-). I'm here in Albany, safe and sound. Hopefully, we can "tawlk" on Thursday.

Much love,
At 6:46am on May 14, 2008, Bill Barnes said…
Hey Amazing,

Great that you're here, too! Alan tells me you're taking up guitar building to prepare for an interview! Is it too early to send you blueprints for an original Selmer petite bouche? I could use a luthier-built Gypsy box.

Heading to Cape Cod for a couple of days of R'nR. Talk to you when we get back! Hi to Michael...

Love and hugs,
At 6:59am on May 14, 2008, Bill Barnes said…
I can't wait to read your review on JB, by the way. And no monkey pictures. At least yet. I remember that, years ago., a baby wooley in an East Northport, Long Island pet shop that tried to steal my glasses (guess he dug the hornrims) and I would have brought him home if I could have afforded the $4,000 price tag!

Hey, how's your CD coming?
At 8:18am on May 14, 2008, Bev Getz said…
"Sax & Bats"!!! LMAO!!!

So glad you're enjoying our little forum Marissa! It's very sweet here. Good vibe. Please make yourself at home!

At 8:20am on May 14, 2008, Marla said…
Electromacuted...I am going to steal that! Are you OK? I have CNN on in the background and they are talking about some pretty bad weather over a large part of TX. I might not see your message til mid-evening, but wanna know all is ok. I wish we were all the Jetsons so we could hop on some kind of fast, space-age vehicle to see those dear to us whenever we want - I'd be heading your way (after the storms, of course)!

At 11:55am on May 16, 2008, Jaijai Jackson said…
Hi Marissa!

Sending love from this forum as well!!

At 2:42am on May 19, 2008, Jota Resende said…
Hello Marissa!
I was listening Jaded!!
It's so beautiful. You are a great artist!
Honored to be among your friends.
Thanks for your kind words.
See you.
At 5:14am on May 19, 2008, Bill Barnes said…
How's my favorite singer-poet-writer-critic-songwriter-monkey enthusiast doing?
At 7:14am on May 19, 2008, Didier EUZET said…
The saxo-voice of Stan was coming directly from his heart ...
Warmest regards,
Didier EUZET
At 7:16am on May 19, 2008, Didier EUZET said…
Hey Marissa... I have just listen your tune ..; I love it to much ... great voice. Congrats.
At 4:59am on May 23, 2008, Jota Resende said…
Hi Marissa!
Thanks to post that beautiful tracks.
Your music touched my heart and your!
You are amazing!
Kisses and hugs
At 11:48pm on May 27, 2008, Marla said…

Greetings and love from the Big Apple. I just played tourist and took pics of Times Square from outside the hotel at 47th and 7th! Feels strange to play tourist when I spent so much time in NY, years past!

Mommaboppa Parris opens at Birdland tomorrow night, so we're gonna try 'n take it easy tomorrow, as she has to be at the club early for sound check, etc.

Howz the peoplz and animalz family at your place?

At 1:50am on May 29, 2008, Didier EUZET said…
Oh Marissa... thanks so much for friendship and comments to my page...
I am listening your tunes one more... I am under the charm :) .... I need to close me in The Room ! My sky is blue, no black, but youre Black Is shine light... and I have see the deepness of the Mary's Eyes...

My english is bad... but I understand your beautifull lyrics..
Thanks very much for this nice moment in your page...
nota: Do you know Kathleen Gorman... shes Canadian, composer, and sing also her beautifull music ... you can discovered her to our Smooth Jazz Lover's network page where you are very welcome. (and maybe registered ???
At 3:32am on May 29, 2008, Marla said…
Hey Marmagnifico,

Back in the room and tonight went well. It is about 3:30 a.m. so I'm going to make this short 'n sweet. Look forward to hearing what's going on in your world.

Lots of love,
At 4:51am on May 29, 2008, Jota Resende said…
I will learn with you.
Your music is so beautiful!
You are a great composer.
Marissa, I know we will do some music together .
Actually,my work here in Brazil is only as arranger, producer and keyboards in studio sessions. Sometimes I am invited to play one show for DVD.Only one...
I hope to record my CD at the end of the year and start a new musical life and down to the road .
I really would like to meet all that cool people I know here.
You are one ...
Honored for your friendship.
Sending Kisses and hugs from Brasil to USA
At 4:59am on May 29, 2008, Kim said…
Nice to meet you Marissa. It sure is a small world. I am replying before I even look at your page here, but from what Jota has mentioned below, you also are musically talented. I feel bad for those who never had the chance to be brought up with music in their lives. It's very difficult to comprehend. We are blessed, yes indeed we are.
I've never been to Duluth, MN...but here in Oshkosh, we live on the water and it's just beautiful. Allot like the state of MN. Hopefully one day you'll make it back up to our neck of the woods and we can do lunch. I look forward to our friendship.
Smiles and warm hugs ;-))))))))
At 5:16am on May 29, 2008, Kim said…
Marissa...I appologise for not reviewing your profile before responding. How very nice to know your mother played sax. I also remember all the old Stan Getz albums amongst other jazz artists as I was growing up. Etched in my mind for ever. But I have to are also extremely musically inclined as well!! You have a wonderful soft soothing voice! I would love to see you perform some day. Not sure if I will ever make it to the lone star state though. We'll keep in touch...who knows if you will ever make it back up this way on a stage. The audience would be delighted in your presence.
Have a blessed day!!
At 5:25pm on June 4, 2008, Jaijai Jackson said…
oooooooooo I love what you have done with your page!! It used to be, I love what you did with your hair! lol...

Wherever I see your musings, I smile...I love the line "us musicians talk in 'soul-speak' that's so true!!

Love ya!

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