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At 9:17am on September 22, 2009, Richard Ransom said…
I have come back to your site to hear more of your music!!! You have quite the smooth quality in both you voice and in your panio playing.It reminds me of Marla Glen [voice] she is and American but has lived over seas so long she unknown here in the states but I meet her in Paris and her soft yet intense voice is the same....way cool.....Close Enough For Love...just love it all the Quality's ........
and Thanks for the friendship way cool......
At 6:17pm on October 13, 2009, RUBIANO Gérard said…
Hello Hilde,

How are you? I hope you are fine!!

Best regards!

At 7:43am on October 14, 2009, RUBIANO Gérard said…
Hello Hilde,

I'm very happy to see that you reply to me in such a way!
I see you like my idea!!
So, I hope that you will come and sing !
I'm off today, I am painting and working on my computer to make a very special video on my Stan Getz's will see it on this web site soon!

If you want to laught a little bit, you can see me on a vid..trying to make my first step in improvisation with my soprano sax....I need to work hard to be able to play with you!!!

Take care!

I love your songs!!!

Bye, hope to see you soon!

At 7:47am on October 14, 2009, RUBIANO Gérard said…
I like the pics...with the frog you a postcard, it is very funny...a good idea too!!

The french "bloody frog" as say english people !

At 4:13pm on October 21, 2009, RUBIANO Gérard said…
Dear Hilde,

I've got a very good news for you !
The Arts commission of Eze-Village, a very nice town between NICE and MONACO is agree to give us the opportunity to create the "TRIBUTE TO STAN GETZ " Concert in their castle !
It will take place in the Botanic Garden of this old castle and in the same time, you will have a painting exposure.

The date for the "TRIBUTE TO STAN GETZ " is : 21th august 2010.

I hope to see you for this event!

Tell me if this is possible!!!

Big hug!

At 6:03pm on October 29, 2009, RUBIANO Gérard said…
Dear Hilde,

Thank you very much for your very kind mail doesn't matter at all if it is late, the most important to me, is that you are in good health !
You write when you can ! Please, have a look on the two short video I was adding to the site last week to present to the artists like you where they are going to sing and play !
Glenn Zottola help me to organize that, he's a really kind person!
I am trying when I can to practice myself with my soprano saxo to play with you while you are singing!
I really like your voice and way of singing, so Jazzy !!!
Thanks for that!
By the way, try also to see my last portrait of Stan Getz, it is better than the last one...I've got many good ideas to honorate and commemorate him !
I hope Bev could come with you to this event!
Tomorrow, Andy Gravish and Mike Campagna are going to play near my home, I'm going to see them playing!

Your friend! Big hug!

At 6:35am on October 30, 2009, Denis Ouellet said…

Good morning Hilde.
I am doing fine thank you.
Always nice to hear from you.
Yeah in the past month we have been very lucky with the videos (-:
So many new surprises came up.

Hope all is going good with you.
Lots of work (-:

At 8:44pm on November 10, 2009, Richard Ransom said…

Helen Merril Just Friends with Stan Getz (1989)

Stan Getz (ts) Joachim Kuhn (p) Jean-Francois Jenny-Clark (b) Daniel Humair (d) Helen Merrill (vo) Torrie Zito (p) (track 06),


01 Cavatina
02 It Never Entered My Mind
03 Just Friends
04 It Don't Mean A Thing
05 Yesterdays
06 Music Makers
07 Baby Ain't I Good To You
08 It's Not Easy Being Green
09 If You Go Away

"Recognized as one of the country's great jazz singers, Helen Merrill is also one of the least known, except to aficionados. In this remarkable album from 1989, Merrill, then almost sixty years old, teams up with Stan Getz to record a stunning exhibition of improvisational jazz. Her mature voice is rich and powerful, but she retains a sweetness that allows her to be whispery, melancholy, pensive, or sexy without sounding "thin" or fragile. The timbre of Getz's sax blends perfectly with her alto to create a double-barreled melodic line, and their individual talents at improvisation lead to interpretations of immense creativity. The album is Merrill's, however, with Getz supporting but not overpowering her, remembering always that he is the talented guest on the album. The songs encompass many moods. "Cavatina," written by Cleo Laine, is soft, slow, and wonderfully romantic, and Getz's variations build on the romance. "It Never Entered My Mind" shows Merrill's control, as she almost whispers the lyrics, creating a pensive, moody ballad with fresh sounds and interpretations. By contrast, "Just Friends" is upbeat and quick, and "It Don't Mean a Thing," an Ellington song, is wild and swingy, with a terrific piano solo (Joachim Kuhn) to continue the melodic variations introduced by Getz. "Baby, Ain't I Good to You" gets the slow, sexy treatment, while Jacques Brel's "If You Go Away," so often a song of agony and passion, is introduced by Getz's solo sax and becomes quiet and melancholy here, moodier and less threatening than most other interpretations. The climax is "Yesterdays," a song so filled with improvisation that it is sometimes difficult to recognize the original melody. Merrill stays in the background here as Getz and bassist Jean-Francois Jenny-Clark go to town creating a fresh sound for this standard. Impeccable in its musical presentation and very dramatic in its originality, this album sets the standard for collaboration between two jazz stars who obviously respect each other and their medium--and it may be Merrill's best album." Mary Whipple

"This CD is wonderful. Merrill and Getz compliment each other lyrically and stylistically. Being a Getz fan over the years, I found the connection with Merrill and her voice and style a great treat. Too bad there aren't more collaborations between these two."

Link to download:

Hope you didn't have this one because if not here it is....Rick
Hope your feeling better <3
At 6:41pm on November 14, 2009, Richard Ransom said…
I just thought it would pick up your spirits some and it is just a wonderful album. I so glad to here feeling better,so cool.......;-))
At 4:04pm on November 15, 2009, Richard Ransom said…

Hilde as I was still looking though yet more old LP's looking for Stan stuff I found another Merrill album with Dick Katz it is quite a gem I thought you may enjoy.........;-))

Helen Merrill & Dick Katz The Feeling is Mutual 1965


1 You're My Thrill (Clare, Gorney) 3:14
2 It Don't Mean a Thing (Mills, Ellington) 4:56
3 Here's That Rainy Day (Burke, VanHeusen) 2:38
4 Baltimore Oriole (Webster, Carmichael) 4:48
5 Don't Explain (Holiday, Herzog) 2:34
6 What Is This Thing Called Love ? (Porter) 3:38
7 The Winter of My Discontent (Berenberg, Wilder) 6:01
8 Day Dream (Latouche, Ellington, Strayhorn) 5:12
9 Deep in a Dream (DeLange, VanHeusen) 3:12

Helen Merrill - voc
Thad Jones - crt
Dick Katz - p
Jim Hall - g
Ron Carter - b
Pete La Roca or Arnie Wise - dr

Recorded at Plaza Sounds Studios, NYC, 1965
It's a must if you like Helen Merrill..
So long @ of print, but never forgotten Rick.....'-)
Bitrate .flac, with complete artwork.

this just some stuff I am putting on my Blog not not yet open to the public, but soon I hope..
At 7:56pm on November 19, 2009, Richard Ransom said…
just thought you would enjoy it once again my pleasure Rick
At 8:55am on November 22, 2009, Richard Ransom said…

getting this mess over to this other mess you might like some of what's there.

come check it out and enjoy some of the best Jazz ;-)
At 8:57am on November 22, 2009, Richard Ransom said…
was kind of,or should of been in last post ...oh no...
At 8:20pm on February 13, 2010, Hilde Hefte said…
Ohhh - How beautiful - a little Titmouse.
Egil Kapstad (jazz pianist and composer) wrote a composition once called Titmouse Blues and I wrote the lyrics for it.
I love these birds.
What a gift to receive from you.
Thank you!
Have a wonderful weekend.
Love and hugs
At 5:53pm on February 15, 2010, RUBIANO Gérard said…
Dear Hilde,

Hello from France near Monaco ! I hope that you are fine ?
I would like to invite you to sing near Monaco in eze-village as I told you few month, if you are interested please go to this website :

Read what is in this website and tell me if you are agree to sing to honorate "Stan Getz memory", I organize this event to make people meeting together from "Stan Getz Community" the same time there will be some exposure of paintings!!

Please, go to this web site and ask Bev to come with you at this event!
It will take place for the concert on 21th of August 2010 and the painting exposure will be during all this week, between 20th to 27th of August !!

Please come, I could arrange it for you !!!

All my best regards!!

At 5:28pm on February 19, 2010, RUBIANO Gérard said…
Dear Hilde,

I hope that all is O.Kay for you and that you feel good ! How is your last record?
I would like to know if you are going to come in France for playing to the concert I 'm sure now to organize in eze-Village near Monaco and Nice in August 21 th, 2010 !!!

Tell me can have a look on our special website to know how it will be ...if you click on the U.S flag you will obtain the english version:

I'm waiting to know what you are thinking of this?

All my best regards...the concert will be to honorate Stan Getz !
We hope to have you, Bev Getz and Glenn Zottola...and I'm trying to organize with this concert also the first international meeting of the "STAN GETZ COMMUNITY MEMBERS" !!!!!!!!

Please, say it to Bev and Glenn!!!

Your friend!


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