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At 10:56am on June 8, 2008, roger hunter said…
that u/k tune from the march28th 1960 concert is "Pernod"
At 7:01pm on June 8, 2008, Denis Ouellet said…
Hi Roger

Welcome. Nice to meet you.
Thanks for Pernod. I should have known that;)

My best
At 10:12am on June 20, 2008, Bev Getz said…
Hello Roger!
Thank you for joining!

How's the good old UK?! I miss it!

My Best,
Bev (-:
At 7:33pm on June 22, 2008, Denis Ouellet said…
Great Roger. I will put them on a CD and send it to you.

At 8:32pm on July 21, 2008, Denis Ouellet said…
Hi Roger,
Nice to hear from you. But sorry for the computer problems. Wow, you know my external hard drive also crashed
last week. Well I least I had backups.;) Hope everything is going good for you now.
Ok I will be mailing the CD on Friday. So you can expect at least(minimum) 2 weeks for delivery. Might be longer.
I guess it's ok since you told me you have lots of time;) lol
Take care. Let me know how you like it

At 5:03am on July 22, 2008, roger hunter said…
Hi Denis,
Many thanks i kook forward to receiving the music, in three days time i shall be 72yrs, so time is (not ) of the essence for me.
Blue Skies
At 3:44pm on August 8, 2008, Denis Ouellet said…
Hi Roger,

Just got the CD;) Absolutely marvellous. I can't thank you enough.
The music is outstanding. Just what I like.
Thanks for the list of recordings. Lots of very interesting
sessions in there. I will send you a message shortly.
In the meantime I am really enjoying the music.
Hope you like that session in Pescara.

Sippin' At Bells.
My bests
At 10:52am on August 9, 2008, roger hunter said…
Hi Denis,
Pleased that you liked the Cd, i took a chance that you may not have this music. I've just received the new Cy Touff-Sandy Mosse CD on Delmark, with what is possibly John Campbell's debut on record, can you possibly record that show that you mentioned he had recorded with Stan, he is one of the younger pianists that i always look out for.
Con Alma
At 2:23pm on August 9, 2008, Denis Ouellet said…
Hi Roger

Thanks again. It's so nice to hear from you.
The CD is too much. I dig it.

Sure I will send you the CD of Stan with John Campbell.
That session is a blast. I love John's playing. Really tasty
I wonder why Stan did not record
more with him.
It will send it to you early this week.
Please let me know if there are any other tracks you would like
to have. It's a pleasure.

Out Of Nowhere
At 2:01pm on August 10, 2008, Denis Ouellet said…
Hi Roger

Thanks for your message. Always nice to hear from you.
Yes about those tracks with Stan that you sent me. I sent
Beverly a copy and she loves them. Thanks to you.
Again I am grateful for that CD. It is absolutely beautiful.
By the way I just burned that CD with Stan and John Campbell
I will send it to you tomorrow.

At 1:36pm on August 13, 2008, Bev Getz said…
PLEASE accept my apology for getting your name confused Roger!! So sorry! And THANK YOU! From the bottom of my heart for sharing this precious interview!! ((-:

At 5:41pm on August 26, 2008, Denis Ouellet said…

I just sent you a message. Thanks a million.

Four Brothers
At 5:31am on August 27, 2008, roger hunter said…
hi denis
it's one of my favourites too, pleased you liked it. the Edmonton concert was just fine with some great playing from john campbell.
kean & peachy
At 9:12pm on August 27, 2008, Denis Ouellet said…

How about item #16 from your list ? ;)
Tell me what I can send you.

East Of The Sun
At 6:32am on August 30, 2008, roger hunter said…
Hi Denis
I need your help, when my computer crashed recently, i lost my copy of the list , please remind me what is item #16, the Dex/stan is interesting.
weaver of dreams
At 9:31am on August 30, 2008, Denis Ouellet said…
Hi Roger,

How are you this morning ?
item #16 is Quartet TV show Stockholm 1978. Lars Sjösten (pno).
Great Roger I am sending you the Dex/Stan CD early next week.
Good choice. Very seldom heard music;)

Hot House
At 9:47am on August 30, 2008, roger hunter said…
hi denis,
likewise with me, i look forward to the dex/getz.
blue noon
At 5:31pm on September 5, 2008, Denis Ouellet said…
Hi Roger,

I sure owe you big time. This CD is a treasure.
Another day in the life of Stan Getz.
The music and his voice are just too much.
I can't believe how consistent Stan was. The music he made
was always fresh and NEW. Under all kinds of circumstances
he made it stand the test of time.
He sure meant it when he said "I never played a note I did not mean"

Tell me how you like the Stan/Dexter concert.

Happy listening. Will talk later.

They Can't Take That Away From Me
At 11:53am on September 8, 2008, roger hunter said…
Hi Denis
glad you liked it, it's always a pleasure to share with somebody who really appreciates the music. just let me know whatever else you would care for. i dig the stan/dexter.
star eyes
At 4:14pm on September 10, 2008, Denis Ouellet said…
Hi Roger,

Same here Roger. Great to share this wonderful music.
I knew you would enjoy that Stan/Dexter gig.
Aren't they just beautiful ?

Well what about that item #7 ==> Quartet Larry Willis pno, Santa Cruz May '87.
You tell me what you want. I just posted a session in Denmark which is beautiful.

Bag's Groove

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