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"I first met Karl Sterling when his parents brought him to a Stan Kenton Orchestra gig in upstate New York. He was a young drummer. This was 1972. Come to think of it, I was a young drummer at the time, too ... but Karl was younger! Karl's parents were justifiably proud of their son and how well he played. Some thirty five-plus years later, I'm the one who is feeling proud of how well Karl plays: proud that he stayed the course with his drumming, and proud that he matured into such a terrific drummer and human being. Karl is also heavily involved with the Syracuse Jazz Network, as well as with fundraising for charities and other good causes. By comparison, I feel a bit like a one trick pony: I still just play the drums.

Karl and his musical colleagues Brian Scherer, John Magnante, Matthew Vacanti and Barry Blumenthal have created a CD that's rewarding to listen to. Whether this is an introduction to their music or a souvenir from a "live" gig, you will enjoy the music on this album!

Bravo, Karl and company."

Peter Erskine

"Time's Up!" will be available in about 10 days. Please visit: for details.

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