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Some may call this an abrupt change, I call it personal evolution. It's strange that I would shake things up so early in the game of our recent success of our radio mix show "Generation Next w/ DJ Pete Marriott" but after our more recent "24 Hours to Give: Marathon mix for Haiti" Broadcast weekend I had a calling to use my skills as a DJ/Record Producer for the greater good and so began a combined convergence in which the direction of my careers in the music and radio industries are headed.

So what does this means?

Well I'm making more room on my daily schedule for my production career by truncating Saturday nights from my broadcasting schedule. Beginning Monday, January 25th the new live broadcast schedule will be Monday to Friday 6:00PM to 11:00PM EST / 3:00PM to 8:00PM PST which can be heard at and several other websites within the growing AyoPlaya network carrying our show.

Another change being made is my participation in blogging and social networks in general, which pretty much means that I personally will be leaving this site by the end of the week. I made a conscience decision to limit my online social interactions. This profile will now be administered by my team, who've I pretty much turned over the keys to manage all of my social networking accounts across the web. This will allow me to focus on my music production and improve the quality of our radio show which fortunately has been very well received since we began broadcasting. I thank you all for listening in and promise that these changes will not hurt the integrity of the show but actually make it much more enjoyable to listen to as I can now focus on becoming the 2nd coming of my four production heroes; J. Dilla, Howie Tee, Easy Mo Bee and Marly Marl.

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