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Here they are, 10 officials Stamps STAN GETZ

Here they are, 10 officials Stamps STAN GETZ

This morning I received the ten officials French stamps I ask to the FRENCH POST !!! Great ! They've done them with my last painting of STAN GETZ, my favourite Tenor saxophone player!
Now, the stamp really exists !!!
With this stamp, you can send a letter which the weight is 20 gr maximum, you will see on it : " LETTRE PRIORITAIRE " which means " PRIORITY MAIL" "FRANCE" " La Poste"! This is the first one I do, and I am very proud ..I think I will make others about STAN GETZ ..! Send a mail with this stamp ...think about STAN, his memory, may be we could hear his marvellous sound ...You know what I am Happy ! I can hear angels playing horn...may be it is STAN !! Why not ??

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