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Remembering Stan...

Nobody got this feel on the song Yesterdays.
Listen to the cool bass/sax duet in the start .

To me, Iwas always influenced by Stan's ability to just go to the limit with creativity but still relate. That _IS_an art to itself. And a lesson in melody and tension and release, which is missing in much today.

This one just makes me feel good, and is an historically significant work worthwhile for a number of reasons.


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He makes music;)
Sound, melody, rhythm.
All in one.
Not a dull moment.
Thanks Tim!
I haven't seen this one. I LOVE the little smile he makes!! Made me miss him!

This is a great piece of "art." I IS an art to itself. Thank you for sharing. I think i will have to add this one to my collection:) There is no sound like the sound of Stan Getz...very unique and distinct.
Wonderful...hmmm I got the feel of this within seconds. I loved it. There is something in me, I cannot quite explain it...but I can hear things that aren't written in songs, and....well let me stop before I sound coo coo;)

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