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In 1962, at 13, my jazz loving grandmother introduced me to Stan Getz. When I say 'introduced' I don't mean in-person, but it seemed like it to me.

I was asked to sit in the sweet spot while my grandmother played the album, 'Big Band Bossa Nova'. These 40-something minutes were to change me and my life, both for the good.

I sank into the music, it was like a giant pillow for something in my soul, my, as yet unencumbered soul. I had only a moderate exposure to my grandmothers music at this time, but I found myself spending many more hours with this precious lady and her stereo . She was very eclectic in her musical taste, primarily jazz and classical, with a multitude of other genres in between.

I started to collect every album that I could find with Stan playing on it. I was lucky because my aunt worked at A&A Records on Yonge St. in Toronto.

A few doors down the street was Sam the Record Man that had a dedicated Jazz department headed by the wonderful John Norris. John taught me so much and helped to open my young mind to all sorts of music. Between he and my grandmother, I developed a rather mature music collection for someone as young as myself then.

I cannot recall a week in my life that I have not spent an hour or two with Stan Getz in my room. We've become very good acquaintances over the years. He playing so masterfully and with so much revealing emotion. Me, sitting respectfully, taking in the gift that he is playing.

I believe that I have about 150 albums with Stan on them. It is a while since I counted. I am always amazed at the breadth of style and the depths of what is emanating from his horn. He has a quality that haunts you in a wonderfully positive way.

I am honoured to be able to say these few thoughts and recollections to you Bev and everyone here, I appreciate the opportunity.

In my nearly 50 years of listening to your Dad, I am still blown away by him!

My only regret, if I may be permitted, is that I never had a chance to thank him personally for these 50 years.

A sheynem dank, Mr. Getz, shalom!

Kind regards,



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Thank you Jacomb for these beautiful words.  It feels good to share our thoughts and love of the man and his music.


Vous êtes très gentil Denis!  (You are very kind!)

Denis Ouellet said:


Thank you Jacomb for these beautiful words.  It feels good to share our thoughts and love of the man and his music.


Merci Jacomb. A big welcome. Nice to see people from Vancouver, a beautiful city.
A city with a lot of jazz activity and history.

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