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Dear friends

I just received a CD from the Los Angeles Jazz Institute (this is a members only limited release) : "The rare and unissued Shorty Rogers" (lighthouse LAJI 004). One of the highlights of this very interesting CD is the track 11, JUMPIN' AT THE WOODSIDE.
Shorty Rogers And His Giants featured STAN GETZ at Zardi's, Hollywood, CA the august 4th, 1955. The soloist order was Giuffre, Rogers, and GETZ. All these men were fantastic !!!!!! A CD to purchase !
The other musicians were Pete Jolly (p), Ralph Pena (b), Shelly Manne (d)

All the best

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Gerard thanks for the info. This looks very interesting.
will look into it right away;)

Welcome and great to know you.
Hope to share some great music.

Very interesting! I was in the Navy, stationed at Port Hueneme, at the time. I drove into Los Angeles because I heard that Shorty, Jimmy, et al were playing at Zardi's. Imagine my surprise when I found Stan Getz as an unannounced guest! I could not believe my great fortune! As a testament to the stories of Stan's great ability to recall things: Stan suggested a number they had all played with the Woody Herman band. He asked Jimmy to play the trombone line, Shorty to play the trpt line and he would play the sax line (I do not recall which number it was). When they all said they were not sure of the various parts he softly sang each part to each horn man ((I was seated very close to the stage and was able to hear all of this). And then they proceeded to play the tune and swung their butts off!

Phill Aranda
Such a great story Phill. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Welcome aboard (-:

Sounds like a great album for sure..I try to hunt it down today,Thanks for the heads up on this one..

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